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Engagement — Platform Due Diligence

Code & Co. advises Summa Equity on Tech & Product Due Diligence in preparation for its majority investment in FAST LTA, a leading German provider of secure data storage and archiving solutions.

Summa Equity (“Summa”) has acquired a majority stake in FAST LTA GmbH (“FAST LTA”) with the ambition of building a new sustainable champion in secure and compliant data storage.

Scope of Work

Code & Co. carried out a comprehensive assessment of FAST LTA's technology and hardware foundation across its product suite. The evaluation encompassed the architecture and deployment capabilities of the products, along with an analysis of the technology stack and cybersecurity measures. Additionally, FAST LTA’s proprietary hardware underwent an in-depth review that also covered hardware security and manufacturing.

Code & Co. evaluated FAST LTA's product KPIs, customer operations, including onboarding and support, and its product roadmap. Code & Co. further assessed the company’s data and machine learning/AI strategy. In addition, the engineering team, software development life cycle and quality assurance procedures were evaluated.


FAST LTA is the specialist for secure secondary and long-term storage systems for sensitive data. The combination of durable and low-maintenance hardware, integrated data protection and on-site service contracts with a term of up to 10 years ensures long-term, cost-effective storage of data from archive and backup applications. In-house developments such as local erasure coding, sealing using hardware WORM and efficient energy management help medium-sized customers to protect themselves against data loss due to ransomware attacks and misconfiguration and to comply with regulatory and legal requirements (GDPR). The solutions from the Munich-based provider have proven themselves in thousands of installations in healthcare, public administration, services and industry & commerce. For more information, please visit

Summa Equity

Founded in 2016, Summa is an impact investor focusing on three thematic areas: resource efficiency, changing demographics and tech-enabled transformation. The purpose of Summa is to invest in solving our global challenges. Summa has approximately €5 billion in assets under management and has made more than 30 platform investments across the three funds raised to date. The investments have the potential for long-term sustainable outperformance because they address some of the social, environmental and governmental challenges we need to solve as a society.

The team is located in Northern Europe, with offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Munich. Partnerships are part of Summa’s DNA, exemplified by being a certified B Corporation and collaborating with Harvard Business School and the International Foundation for Valuing Impacts (IFVI). For more information, please visit