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Our Tech & Product DDs bridge the gap between tech, product, & real-world business challenges.

Combining rapid turnaround, in-depth expertise, and quantitative and qualitative insights, we guide top-tier funds worldwide towards well-informed investment decisions.

Tech & Product DD Services

Our Process

We follow a proven framework shaped by 300+ global deals across various sectors. Our unique methodology yields actionable insights, reinforcing our role as a dependable, long-term ally. As our industry evolves, so does our approach.


  • Alignment on investment theses
  • Evaluation of VDR contents and documentation throughout project​
  • Preparation of workshop agenda, document request list, and IRL


  • Introductory workshop (e.g. architecture, cyber, roadmap) and product demo​​​
  • Deep-Dive Workshop, including interactive code audit and tech debt analysis
  • Debriefing with client


  • "Bankable" Pulse Check Report (optional) within ca. 48 hours
  • "Bankable" full Underwriting Report
  • Client read-out, stakeholder Q&A (e.g. W&I), release letters, value-creation roadmap

Actionable Tech & Product DD report, deemed essential by various stakeholders

Most projects take 2-4 weeks from inception to delivery. Some less.


At our company, we prioritize identifying outstanding tech-native investment opportunities. As we evaluate a company's technical and product prowess, along with its team’s processes and practices, Code & Co. sets a new benchmark with an investor-centric approach and has become our preferred party for in-depth Tech & Product Due Diligence.

Dr. Michael Weber
Dr. Michael Weber

Riverside, Partner

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