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Why Us?

We translate between the worlds of tech & product and business & finance.

We redefine Tech & Product DD for the modern era, with value driven by cloud, SaaS, and AI. With deep expertise and a focus on actionable insights, we ensure our global fund clients zero in on what truly matters.

We define a fresh benchmark for trusted, contemporary Tech & Product Due Diligence.

  • We act as translators, bridging the divide between the tech & product and business & finance worlds. Our analysis is detailed, but you do not need a CS degree to comprehend it.
  • We understand the stakes. Like you, we are driven by maximizing impact and unlocking potential.
  • We specialize in software, but remain sector-agnostic — from deep-tech domains like AI, ML, big data, cybersecurity, IoT, industrial manufacturing, ERP/CRM, and API lifecycle management, to tech-enabled fields such as system houses and IT services, and all areas in between.
  • Tech is global, and so are we. Operating as a remote-first firm and with team members stationed in the EU, UK, and US, we work with funds and targets across the globe.
  • We deliver an actionable report, considered bankable by primary and secondary stakeholders such as deal teams, investment committee, lenders, and insurers. Fast.

We've consistently enjoyed collaborating with Code & Co. on various deal opportunities. What stands out most to us is their investor mindset - combining deep knowledge of technology/product with a strong commercial understanding to deliver real insights for our investment proposition. Beyond typical SaaS businesses across many sectors, they have equally supported us on deep-tech topics encompassing computer vision, robotics, and machine learning/AI.

Ben v. Schulz
Ben v. Schulz

Avedon, Investment Director

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