Value Adding Advice

Our tech & product due diligence audits identify potential opportunities and real risks impacting asset valuation and accelerating growth.

Our technology and product due diligence is both modern and holistic. It spans the entire investment life cycle, from outside-in audits, confirmatory due diligence, and portfolio audits to exit preparation and vendor due diligence. Our in-depth knowledge of the tech and product sectors helps us provide our clients with comprehensive and specific advice.

We are based in Berlin, Germany, but work with exceptional private equity, venture capital, and hedge funds all over the world, including the USA and Asia.

How We’re Different

We know success is not linear, but we believe the future is malleable. And having the right insight makes all the difference. We guide our clients by sharing our extensive technology, product, and sector knowledge. We provide global investors with cross-functional, hands-on expertise so they can make confident, forward-looking investment decisions.

An Entirely New Take on Tech & Product DD

As part of our in-depth analysis, Code & Co. rates the target’s technical, product-related, and organizational capabilities. While technology is all about "hard facts", product is about knowing what "not" to build (and "why"). And engineering – arguably the most important (and most easily overlooked) aspect – addresses the team and internal processes.

Code & Co. is proficient in two languages: business and tech. Our years of professional experience as developers, product leaders, and entrepreneurs have honed our tech capabilities. As entrepreneurs, we have scaled tech companies from whiteboard to dozens of countries. As builders, we have delivered software that is used by multinational corporations in FinTech, e-commerce, marketplaces, and many more.

All this acquired expertise helps us determine what really matters. We benchmark a target’s achievements against today’s best practices. If necessary, we offer actionable insights and a roadmap to help the company get up to speed.

Our Ever-Evolving Framework

Our proprietary, tried-and-tested framework results in real, actionable recommendations. We refine our framework with every job we deliver. And we collect regular feedback from industry experts to guarantee that the framework keeps pace with our ever-evolving industry.

Services, Data & Software

Our technology and product due diligence reports share in-depth findings based on deep technological knowledge and the wealth of experience we accumulated while delivering years of operational excellence.

We also use in-house software to augment our own findings. Our in-house software lets us deliver data-driven insights and benchmark targets against industry peers and global best practices. Thanks to our proprietary software, we can leverage advanced data and analytics to uncover deeper quantitative insights. It also allows us to deliver even better results, faster.


We put our money where our mouth is. We offer our clients co-investment on select deals to help companies succeed. We offer "smart money" and actively assist in creating accelerated, sustainable digital value.

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