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Since day one of Armira Growth, Code & Co. has been our go-to provider for Technology & Product Due Diligence. The team consistently delivers when it matters, demonstrating a profound understanding of what we expect. Code & Co. has proven to be a steadfast partner, not just for deals, but also beyond. For instance, post-deal, the team remains readily available to provide read-outs, advice, and Q&A sessions for portfolio companies.

Florian Tappeiner
Florian Tappeiner

Armira, Managing Partner

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Podcast: "The Masters of Tech Due Diligence" (German)

Vor acht Jahren haben zwei Techies mit Finanzhintergrund die Firma Code & Co gegründet, die die M&A-Targets von Private-Equity-Investoren auf Potentiale und Bedrohungen im Software-Bereich durchleuchtet. Warum dieses Geschäft boomt, ob es irgendwann die Commercial DD ersetzen könnte und wie sich die aktuelle Pipeline an Tech-M&A-Deals in Deutschland entwickelt, das diskutieren wir in dieser Episode.

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Podcast: Tech & Product Due Diligence: a deep dive

Real Deals is joined by Lukas Ingelheim and Dan Bender, co-founders at Code & Co, and Peter Waleczek, managing partner at Flex Capital, for a case study on how the GP and tech due diligence provider are working together. As technical due diligence evolves, Code & Co highlights exactly what its work entails and the red flags it looks out for, plus how it differs from IT due diligence, digital due diligence, or cyber due diligence.

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The Private Equity Funcast w/ Jim Milbery and Devin Mathews: Technical Due Diligence with Code & Co.

Jim Milbery (Partner at ParkerGale Capital) spends an hour talking about technical due diligence with Dan Bender, and Lukas Ingelheim from Code & Co. Dan and Lukas have over 250 engagements under their collective belts and have literally "seen it all." We cover a wide range of topics, including Technical Debt versus Architectural Debt, code "smells," and the top ten things a company should have in place ahead of technical due diligence.

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Private Equity Technology Podcast by Alex Agran: Episode 55 – Code & Co.

"We're back with another episode on the state of Tech Due Diligence. This time we're joined by Dan Bender and Lukas Ingelheim, founding partners of Berlin-headquartered Code & Co, who perform Tech Due Diligence around the world. We cover some basics of tech due diligence for those of you unfamiliar, discuss the differences between US and European tech diligence, and look into the future to see how tech diligence is evolving to help PE firms create value."

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