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Add-on Due Diligence

Our Add-On DD is specifically designed to support the smooth execution of buy-and-build strategies.

Given the unique challenges of bolt-on acquisitions, such as understanding long-standing family-owned businesses, limited access, or outdated technology landscapes, we take a pragmatic approach. Our aim is to facilitate smooth buy-and-build execution by highlighting opportunities, addressing PMI concerns, and ensuring the technical and strategic fit for the portfolio platform.

Since our inception in 2016, we have been recognized for our unwavering commitment to excellence, irrespective of deal complexities.

  • Our reports are in-depth, yet accessible. You won't need a computer science degree to understand them. We focus on high-impact technology and product opportunities and risks.
  • Our Tech & Product Due Diligence audits follow a proprietary, proven framework. This approach ensures a fast turnaround while providing actionable insights to identify the opportunities and risks pivotal to investment decisions and value acceleration.
  • We conduct comprehensive audits of a target's technology, product, and engineering capabilities. Our insights delve into the hard facts of technology, the strategic decisions in product development, and the dynamics of engineering teams and processes. We also assess situation-specific topics in line with our client's investment theses. With clarity in these essential areas, our clients are equipped to make informed investment decisions.

Who We Are

Code & Co. is an independent advisory firm that specializes in providing modern, actionable Tech & Product Due Diligence for the global alternative investment industry. Our expertise uncovers risks that threaten asset value and opportunities to accelerate growth.


My colleagues and I regularly work with Code & Co. ahead of our various add-on investments across sectors, markets, and regions. We value the team’s expertise and its ability to adapt its processes to align with our overarching platform strategy. We appreciate working with the same experts repeatedly. Deal after deal, Code & Co.’s diligence skills have become more refined, with its speed to insights consistently accelerating.

Dirk Bingler
Dirk Bingler

GSG GENII, CTO & Managing Director

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