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Engagement — Add-on Due Diligence

Code & Co. advises Impero, an Investcorp Technology Partners portfolio company, ahead of its acquisition of leading web filtering solution for the global K-12 market

ContentKeeper’s mission is to help manage, protect, and connect organizations to the numerous available corporate and cloud-based Internet resources. To this end, the company has been providing internet filtering and multi-layered cybersecurity to some of the world’s largest networks since 2002. ContentKeeper’s K-12 Cloud is capable of filtering millions of students across all devices, web browsers, and platforms. Its security, flexibility, and control are unrivaled.

  • ContentKeeper is a leader in web filtering, reporting, and mobile security for schools.
  • ContentKeeper is headquartered in Canberra, Australia, with U.S.-based operations in Anaheim, California, and sales and support offices across the globe.
  • Impero’s acquisition will expedite its goal of building a fully integrated, device-agnostic, cloud-based product portfolio for education and corporate clients.
  • Code & Co. provided Tech & Product Due Diligence to Impero and Investcorp Technology Partners.

ContentKeeper is widely considered one of the best filtering solutions for the K-12 market. With its acquisition of the company, Impero hopes to achieve its goal of providing a comprehensive set of solutions to keep students and users safe, both on and offline. The merger has made Impero a global organization with customers in over 100 countries and will help the company accelerate its product roadmap and accrue added revenue.

ContentKeeper’s leading technology will also help the combined entity achieve growth in the market and become a major player in the wider Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)/Zero-Trust Network Architecture (ZTNA) cloud-based future.

Code & Co. provided Tech & Due Diligence to Impero Software ahead of its acquisition of ContentKeeper. During the processes of our assessment, we investigated ContentKeeper’s technological architecture and infrastructure, whether its scalability aligned with its growth and expansion initiatives and how post-merger integration (PMI) with Impero might be structured. We also assessed ContentKeeper’s security practices and measures as well as the potential for new ML and AI initiatives. This transaction exemplifies Code & Co.’s sector expertise in deep-tech investments.