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Engagement — Platform Due Diligence

Code & Co. provides Tech & Product Due Diligence to FLEX Capital ahead of its acquisition of output management leader Formware

Founded 30 years ago, Formware helps its customers save time and money by seizing on the latest technology to provide up-to-date customer communication: automated output management and interactive chat portals based on artificial intelligence.

Formware offers a range of products to improve the digital communication of its customers, which are spread across all sectors, from energy to tourism to finance. With over 70 employees, the company facilitates the delivery of 590,000 emails per day and provides live access to 1.9 billion archived documents.

Entrusted with highly sensitive data, Formware adheres to many best-practice recommendations for security, including the redundant storage of data at its own high-security computing center.

Founded in 2018, FLEX Capital has quickly become a leading German private equity fund focused on investing in medium-sized software and internet companies in the DACH region.

Code & Co. provided Due Diligence on Formware. This included a thorough assessment of the company’s technological architecture and infrastructure as well as its scaling strategy. Code & Co. also assessed the company’s product-strategic growth plans, internal operations and customer support practices.

This transaction exemplifies Code & Co.’s expertise in digitalization products and services.