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Engagement — Add-on Due Diligence

Code & Co. provides Tech & Product Due Diligence to FLEX Capital ahead of its acquisition of Optix, a cloud-native practice management solution targeted towards opticians.

Code & Co. provides Tech & Product Due Diligence to EVEX Group, a portfolio company of FLEX Capital, ahead of its acquisition of Optix. Optix, headquartered in the UK, stands as a prominent PMS (Practice Management System) provider, specializing in aiding opticians in effectively managing patients, staff, suppliers, operations, and financial aspects of their business.

Scope of Work

Code & Co. provided Tech & Product Due Diligence to EVEX Group, a portfolio company of FLEX Capital.

This encompassed a thorough examination of Optix's technological and product capabilities, which involved a comprehensive analysis of Optix's architecture, infrastructure, technology stack, and cybersecurity measures. Moreover, Code & Co. conducted an assessment of the core competencies and processes of the engineering team, including the software development life cycle and quality assurance procedures. In addition to these assessments, Code & Co. also delved into the evaluation of Optix's web-based platform, product roadmap, and onboarding operations and protocols.

Optix will join Flex Capital’s EVEX Group, which unites several leading players in the highly specialized market for audiologists and opticians. Code & Co. also provided Tech & Product Due Diligence services ahead of Flex Capital’s acquisition of AMPAREX, a market-leading ERP for audiologists, opticians, and therapists.

About Optix

Launched in 2003, Optix is a provider of PMS software that helps opticians to manage patients, staff, suppliers, operations and finances – giving them the tools to plan for future success.

About FLEX Capital

FLEX Capital is a private equity fund that was founded by successful serial entrepreneurs and invests in profitable and growing German internet and software SMEs. The second fund of EUR 300 million, announced in early 2023, contains for the first time a commercial structure that enables FLEX Capital to provide operational support to portfolio companies with a specially built team of 30 experts, which sets the investor apart from many other private equity funds. The FLEX portfolio currently includes 14 German SME pioneers across six company platforms. For more information, visit

About EVEX Group

The EVEX Group was founded in 2021 by FLEX Capital to assist healthcare service providers in their business management and digitalization efforts. The goal is to give customers more time to provide outstanding patient care. To achieve this, the group strategically invests in technology and product development.