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Engagement — Platform Due Diligence

Tech & Product Due Diligence for capiton ahead of Vitafy Brands and EVP Group’s plan to join forces to create a multi-channel consumer health e-commerce champion

Founded in 2014, Vitafy Brands has become a leading D2C consumer health e-commerce platform. Following several successful acquisitions of health-related products and services, including Bodylab and Gymqueen in 2019 and vom Achterhof and C.P. Sports in 2021, Vitafy has become a leading D2C consumer health e-commerce platform.

Vitafy joined forces with EVP Group and will offer both online and offline capabilities, including its own manufacturing capabilities, together with EVP Group in an effort to become Europe’s leading multi-channel player in the consumer healthcare sector.

Scope of work

Code & Co. provided Tech & Product Due Diligence to capiton ahead of the investment. This involved compiling an in-depth evaluation of Vitafy’s technical capabilities, including architecture, infrastructure, security, and its overall e-commerce and GTM abilities. Furthermore, Code & Co. assessed the company’s future technical potential with regard to its buy-and-build strategy, internationalization ambitions, and post-merger integration (PMI) efforts.

About capiton

capiton is an owner-managed private equity firm The capiton team has already supported more than 80 companies and made over 70 investments, with about €1.3 billion currently under management. capiton primarily invests in SMEs located in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with a focus on profitable companies with a turnover of between €50 and €300 million.

About Vitafy Brands

Vitay Brands is a D2C e-commerce group of companies in the consumer health space, which is led by by enthusiastic sports and food lovers who strive to guide its customers through the jungle of nutrition products and create the perfect products for a fit and healthy lifestyle.