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Engagement — Platform Due Diligence

Code & Co. offers Tech & Product Due Diligence for Armira Growth's investment in osapiens, a supply chain transparency solutions provider.

osapiens’ suite consists of several user-facing solutions built on its proprietary technology Hub. For example: SupplierOS allows companies subject to LkSG (Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains) regulation to conduct systematic screening of direct suppliers in order to identify any emerging issues in the supply chain (i.e. gain insight into labor practices) and generate reports for authorities (i.e. ensure compliance with regulations). Track & Trace is an AI-enabled solution that ensures supply chain visibility and compliance. It ensures transparency on products, especially for customers in regulated industries, by enabling customers to trace assets and products across all stages of the supply chain.

Scope of Work

Code & Co. provided Tech & Product Due Diligence to Armira Growth.

The scope included analyzing the company’s proprietary Hub, an environment with shared capabilities that takes care of the functional heavy lifting (i.e. complex backend logic) and streamlined integration into EU services (e.g. sanction lists, ID issuers) as well as asset sharing (e.g. product data, supplier data).

Code & Co. assessed osapiens’ technology choices, architectural design, scalability, integration abilities, and AI / machine learning capabilities. We further evaluated the company’s interfaces and product roadmap. We analyzed the company’s USPs, KPIs, and operations, including customer onboarding and support, as well as the team’s SDLC.

About osapiens

osapiens offers holistic SaaS solutions, enhancing supply chain visibility and trust for global enterprises with their "osapiens HUB." Utilizing AI, Track & Trace, and IoT, they promote digital, sustainable supply chain management, ensuring human rights and law compliance while safeguarding consumers from crime and counterfeiting. Founded in 2018, osapiens serves 200 corporations in sectors like consumer goods and pharmaceuticals from over 40 countries. Based in Mannheim, they employ 115+ staff from 25+ nations.

About Armira Growth

Munich-headquartered Armira Growth is a growth equity investor focused on fast-growing technology companies. Code & Co. and Armira Growth collaborated most recently on the fund’s investments in Yoummday (a customer service platform), Workwise (a digital recruiting marketplace and HR operating system), and Parkdepot (a barrierless, AI-enabled parking management software provider).

About Code & Co.

Code & Co. is an independent advisory firm specializing in advising funds in the global alternative investment industry with modern, actionable Tech and Product Due Diligence. Code & Co’s Tech & Product Due Diligence uncovers potential risks threatening asset value and unlocks opportunities for accelerating growth.