Entrepreneurs, Innovators
& Product Engineers

We consider ourselves problem solvers first and foremost. We are passionate technologists and learners and we pride ourselves on not having a go-to tech stack. We choose the right tool for the right job.

Tech we like (right now)

  • Elixir & Phoenix
  • Swift & React Native
  • JavaScript & React
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Containers & Cloud Services

Experiences we craft

  • Deliberate & Fun Experiences
  • Unobtrusive Invisible Interfaces
  • Goal-Oriented User Flows
  • Data-Driven Improvements
  • Conversion Optimization

Challenges we seek

  • Machine Learning
  • Blockchain & Ethereum
  • Internet of Things
  • UI-Less Interfaces
  • Serverless Architectures

Who we are

We are passionate entrepreneurs with cross-functional expertise. We speak both languages, business and tech, and have held interdisciplinary positions that now enable us to solve problems efficiently and sustainably. We see our sweet spot as our ability to share our knowledge. We believe that an equal marriage of business and tech is essential to any company's future success. You can regularly find us speaking at conferences and industry events.


Product Strategy, Code & UX

Developer, UX engineer and product strategist who builds and scales products that people love to use. Strives for great UX, exceptional usability and visual design.


  • Director of Product @ Rocket Internet
  • Interim CPO @ multiple startups
  • Software Engineer & UX Designer

Areas of Interest

  • Invisible Interfaces
  • Blockchain
  • IoT


Technology & Engineering

Experienced language-agnostic software engineer creating tested and maintainable software in agile collaborative environments.


  • Software Engineer @ ThoughtWorks
  • Interim CTO @ multiple startups
  • M&A / ECM @ Merrill Lynch

Areas of Interest

  • Machine Learning
  • Blockchain
  • Serverless Infrastructure


We are fortunate to work with a large network of acclaimed industry experts that focus on areas like machine learning, IoT, security, blockchain & ethereum, and more.

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