Outside-in Due Diligence

Outside-in due diligence audits are pragmatic assessments made from the outside in. They focus on identifying unleveraged potential in digital marketing, security, UX, and CRO.

Outside-in due diligence audits assess one to several companies from outside. They are ideal for competitive bids with limited or no target access and they facilitate sophisticated gap analyses and competitor benchmarking.

Private equity clients geared towards the buyout of public companies and hedge funds pursuing “soft activism” favor outside-in due diligence.

We focus on identifying idle potential vis-à-vis market and industry best practices and, where relevant, competition. We follow a proprietary framework refined by years of experience.

Outside-in audits focus on everything visible from outside. That includes (but is not limited to) the following:

Digital Marketing

  • Domain performance, including traffic volume, traffic sources, and backlink healthiness
  • On-site and off-site search engine optimization (SEO), including search performance, content, and backlinks
  • Technical SEO, including crawlability, site structure, and site performance
  • Mobile capabilities, including mobile-first indexing readiness and mobile apps

User Experience

  • Funnel analysis vis-à-vis best practices
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Checkout optimization
  • Mobile experience
  • Best practices

Outside-in audits also take into account security, the hiring pipeline, the employer, and branding.

Who We Are

Code & Co. is an independent advisory firm that specializes in advising funds in the global alternative investment industry. Code & Co. offers modern and holistic technology and product due diligence across the entire investment life cycle – from outside-in audits and confirmatory due diligence to portfolio audits, exit preparation, and vendor due diligence.