Value Realization

Fairness Opinion

Our Fairness Opinions are focused on providing an unbiased, objective, and professional evaluation of discussed terms, plans, and previous assessments, with a focus on technology and product capabilities, unrealized opportunities, and hidden risks.

With our Fairness Opinions, we translate between the worlds of business and technology, and improve our clients’ decision-making abilities while protecting their interests and keeping their long-term strategies in mind.

We protect individuals and teams from liability and care about safeguarding shareholder value. To optimally mitigate risks and uncover hidden potential, we offer in-depth insights based on a robust technology- and product-focused Fairness Opinion.

Who We Are

Code & Co. is an independent advisory firm that specializes in advising funds in the global alternative investment industry. Code & Co. offers modern and holistic technology and product due diligence across the entire investment life cycle – from outside-in audits and confirmatory due diligence to portfolio audits, exit preparation, and vendor due diligence.