Value Creation

Buy-and-Build Due Diligence

Buy-and-Build Due Diligence is a follow-up service offered post acquisition and (ideally) post tech and product due diligence. They help our clients accelerate value creation.

In our buy-and-build due diligence reports, we present our key findings and benchmark them against today’s best practices. We share actionable insights and a roadmap to help the company get up to speed. Private equity firms often opt for Buy-and-Build Due Diligence audits across their entire investment portfolio.

As expert advisors, we have worked with dozens of companies at every stage of the investment lifecycle – from seed to public companies. As entrepreneurs and technologists, we have delivered software now implemented by multinational corporations in FinTech, e-commerce, marketplaces, and various other sectors.

We care about creating sustainable value. Fast.

Who We Are

Code & Co. is an independent advisory firm that specializes in advising funds in the global alternative investment industry. Code & Co. offers modern and holistic technology and product due diligence across the entire investment life cycle – from outside-in audits and confirmatory due diligence to portfolio audits, exit preparation, and vendor due diligence.