Identifying & Activating
Digital Value Drivers

We assess past decisions, current processes and the road ahead. We deliver a comprehensive visual analysis that details our key insight so you can make informed and confident decisions.

Due Diligence

  • Initial Screening
  • Confirmatory Due Diligence
  • CTO / CPO Screening


  • Health Audits
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Expert Calls


  • Ideation Sprints
  • Product & Platform Design
  • Level up & Education

A wide range of services

We work with clients and companies during every step of the investment life cycle. We offer pragmatic and hands-on support to various clients across multiple industries based on our experience in different markets, verticals and industries.

Due Diligence

Initial Screening

After the first meeting

You met a team with a promising idea and setup. Before spending more resources and time, you'd like to gain a better understanding of the technical and product-related capabilities of the team as well as identify potential technical competitive advantages or any other "underlying magic."

Confirmatory Due Diligence

Before a final investment decision

Every investment is the beginning of a long and sustainable journey between investor and venture. We assess and evaluate the technology, product and UX status of the company. Usually, our findings have direct ramifications for the immediate and longer term product and tech roadmap of the company. This will help you make a final investment decision as well as establish (or strengthen) your partnership.

CTO / CPO Screening

Before key hires

The most important success factor of any tech-driven company is a strong leadership team. We help you and your portfolio companies assess hiring pipelines and a candidate's capabilities in order to find a perfect match in this highly competitive industry.


Health Audit

Before critical events

We assess a company's technical and product status quo in lieu of an upcoming important event like a TV ad campaign. We focus on "low hanging fruit" that can be tackled and resolved quickly, e.g. challenge an existing tracking concept or perform load tests.

Portfolio Review


Periodic reviews of your portfolio companies' technical, product, UX and engineering status quo to offer actionable feedback and to make sure every company is on its best possible track.

Expert Calls


Every time you need a sparring partner with in depth technical and product knowledge that also speaks your language, give us a call. We help identify potential value drivers of an industry sector or a technology so you can adequately challenge your current deal flow.


Ideation Sprints

Whenever needed

We see how software eats the world, how it alters every industry and how it leaves no stone unturned. We are confident this provides unique entrepreneurial opportunities. With our outsider perspective, we'd like to help you discover and embrace them.

Product & Platform Design


We are experienced software engineers and UX architects. We have built, launched and scaled numerous products in dozens of markets across the world on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, web, mobile web, wearables, IoT.

We will help you define the right product to solve the right problem on a scalable architecture, follow testable hypotheses and launch within budget and on time.

Level up


We love product, user experience design and technology. We speak both languages, business and tech, and we'd love to help you and your team level up. Our series of workshops include "Demystifying Tech", "Technical 101 for Investment Professionals", "User Experience Design" and "Introduction to Web and Mobile Development.

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