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Engagement — Platform Due Diligence

Code & Co. advises Turkven on Tech & Product Due Diligence ahead of its investment in Enocta, a leader in the digital education sector.

Institutional investors advised by Turkven, Turkey's leading private equity firm, invested in Enocta. With this investment, Enocta will develop artificial intelligence-supported products and gain momentum in its customer-oriented growth and globalization journey.

Scope of Work

The due diligence process included a comprehensive evaluation of Enocta’s platform. This review covered the system architecture, infrastructure, technology stack, cybersecurity processes, and continuity procedures. A detailed walkthrough of the codebase and developer operations was also conducted. Code & Co. further assessed the product and content operations, key product KPIs, integration capabilities, and customer support processes. Additionally, Code & Co. evaluated Enocta’s R&D team, key engineering processes such as the software development life cycle, and the company’s certification strategy.

About Enocta

Enocta, founded in 1999, is Turkey's first and pioneering company in the field of digital education solutions. Providing nearly 500 companies with the services and products they need for e-learning, training and development under a single roof, Enocta continuously follows new teaching methods and new technologies and helps company employees to gain up-to-date knowledge and competencies in line with their business goals. Using its expertise and experience in the field of education to develop the most appropriate and effective digital education solutions to meet the needs of its customers, Enocta is Turkey's most reliable digital education company reaching a larger user base every day.

About Turkven

Turkven was established in 2000 as Turkey's first domestic venture capital advisory firm and has contributed to over $6 billion of investment in Turkey. Institutional investors advised by Turkven have over $3 trillion in total assets. Turkven's ongoing partnerships in Mikro Yazılım, MLP Sağlık, Picus Security, Eclit Bilişim, Flo, Koton and Züber, employ over 50,000 people, half of whom are women, across the country.