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Engagement — Platform Due Diligence

Code & Co. provides Tech & Product Due Diligence to Scottish Equity Partners ahead of its investment in Cresset

Technology and digitization are transforming the healthcare industry. Within the drug discovery industry, the digital revolution is being supported by the growing role and importance of computational chemistry. This involves using software to complement and optimize workflows that would previously have been completed via manual and time-consuming wet lab experiments, and is enabling the next generation of drugs to be discovered more efficiently.

Scottish Equity Partners (SEP), a technology-focused growth equity firm, has provided significant growth funding to Cresset, a leading global drug discovery software scaleup.

Cresset’s software is used by research chemists across the world throughout the drug discovery pipeline, from screening to lead optimization and QSAR analysis. It allows customers to accelerate drug discovery by predicting molecular interactions and prioritizing drug candidates. The group has broadened its suite of products in recent years, and the funding will accelerate its product development, hiring of exceptional talent and international expansion, particularly in the US.

“Cresset’s products will contribute significantly to accelerated drug discovery, helping its clients meet the need for new drugs to address new diseases and previously untreatable illnesses. With investment from SEP, Cresset has chosen a backer with industry specific experience and a strong tech pedigree.” says Dan Bender, co-founder of Code & Co.

Scope of Work

Code & Co. provided Tech & Product Due Diligence to SEP ahead of its investment in Cresset, assessing the business's engineering practices, architecture, scalability, disaster and continuity plans, and strategy for the evolution of its product family.

Supporting SEP in this investment underlines Code & Co.’s position as a leading Technology and Product Due Diligence provider on healthtech mandates.

About Cresset

Chemists in the world’s leading research organizations use Cresset software and discovery services to discover, design and optimize the best small molecules. Its patented software and expert scientists offer unrivalled insight into protein-ligand systems, enabling chemists to accelerate their research in industry sectors including pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, fine chemicals and flavours and fragrances. For more information on the company visit

About Scottish Equity Partners

Scottish Equity Partners (SEP) is one of Europe’s leading and most experienced technology growth equity firms, helping founders and management teams to achieve their global ambitions. Providing investment alongside expertise and access to an international network, SEP works closely with the companies it invests in to maximise business growth and value. SEP is a signatory to the UNPRI, the world’s leading proponent of responsible investment. For further information see

About Code & Co.

Code & Co. is an independent advisory firm that specializes in providing modern, actionable Tech & Product Due Diligence for the global alternative investment industry. Our expertise uncovers risks that threaten asset value and opportunities to accelerate growth.