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Engagement — Platform Due Diligence

Code & Co. provides Tech & Product Due Diligence to Kennet Partners ahead of its investment in fast-growing enterprise work management and workflow automation platform Screendragon.

An Ireland-based company, Screendragon is a leading B2B SaaS work management solution specialized in marketing, agency and professional services teams with global enterprise customers across the globe.

Scope of Work

Code & Co. provided Tech & Product Due Diligence to Kennet Partners.

The scope covered a broad range of areas, starting with an in-depth review of the platform's architecture, infrastructure, and scalability. This included a detailed examination of the technical stack in use and the cybersecurity protocols in place. The analysis extended to evaluating Screendragon's product roadmap, as well as their procedures for customer onboarding and support. The assessment concluded with a comprehensive review of the company’s engineering practices, focusing on the capabilities of the engineering team, the efficiency of the software development processes and quality assurance measures.

About Kennet

Kennet is a leading international growth equity firm that invests in high-growth companies in Europe and North America. With offices in London and Silicon Valley, the firm supports entrepreneurial technology businesses with expansion capital to accelerate growth and build exceptional shareholder value.

About Screendragon

Based in Cork, Screendragon is a cloud software vendor with ‘out of the box’ solutions that can deliver fast ‘time to value’. Screendragon is a highly awarded platform serving the agency and marketing sectors. Their platform is designed to automate complex workflows, connect distributed teams and provide visibility and agility at scale. Powering many of the most well-known brands and agencies, it helps teams plan, innovate, create and deliver content to market efficiently and effectively.