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Engagement — Platform Due Diligence

Code & Co. provides Tech & Product DD to Kennet ahead of its investment in nudge, a well-received FinTech platform

Code & Co. provides Tech & Product DD to Kennet Partners on its investment in nudge, a FinTech provider of a financial well-being platform that improves the financial skills and knowledge of employees, customers and communities across 50 countries.

  • nudge anticipates this investment will turbo-charge its growth and help launch in many more countries for millions of more people.
  • Kennet Partners is a global growth equity firm that has backed high-growth companies in Europe and North America.
  • nudge monetizes via annual license fees and additional configured options such as a white-labeled UI charged to the employer.
  • Code & Co. led Tech & Product DD for the investor.

As employee well-being becomes a higher priority for organizations due to the increased pressures of working from home, the uncertain macroeconomic environment, and strains on many employees, nudge’s FinEd platform coaches its users via so-called nudges to take action on their finances and gain financial skills and knowledge to feel increasingly in control of their (financial) lives.

Global demand for financial well-being has skyrocketed as a result of the Coronavirus. Its impact on the global economy has led to record-high levels of financial stress, which has been exacerbated by inadequate levels of financial literacy. nudge addresses this uncertainty by offering its users peace of mind.

Kennet Partners’ partnership with nudge will help the company develop the financial skills and knowledge of millions of more people at a global scale.

Code & Co. assessed nudge’s product, technology, and engineering capabilities with a focus on the company’s value proposition and technical and product-strategic growth opportunities thanks to increased utilization of machine learning. In particular, its technical and product-strategic setup and plans, its market-entry barriers, and its ability to automate and personalize its platform experience with a clever data strategy.

This venture is another example of why investors rely on Code & Co. for its diversified expertise in tech investments.