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Engagement — Platform Due Diligence

Code & Co. provides Tech & Product Due Diligence to HTGF ahead of its investment in Selfapy, a digital therapeutics solution to help treat mental illnesses.

Selfapy is a German online HealthTech platform that offers online courses to help treat mental illnesses. Selfapy offers direct support for mental distress. As a certified digital medical product, the costs of Selfapy’s online courses are covered 100% by all statutory health insurance companies.

Scope of Work

Code & Co. conducted Tech & Product Due Diligence for HTGF, involving an evaluation of Selfapy's online platform and mobile app architecture, infrastructure, technology selections, and engineering team. Additionally, Code & Co. analyzed the UI/UX, scalability, and deployment capabilities of the platform, identifying potential areas for enhancement and highlighting risks that need attention.

About Selfapy

Selfapy GmbH is a digital medical company founded in Berlin in 2016 by Nora Blum, Katrin Bermbach and Farina Schurzfeld. Selfapy develops digital health applications. Selfapy offers  online courses aimed at people with e.g. mild to moderate depression, chronic pain, Binge Eating Disorder, bulimia, or anxiety disorders.

About HTGF

HTGF is a venture capital investor for innovative technologies and business models. HTGF has financed more than 700 start-ups in the industrial tech, digital tech, life sciences and chemicals sectors, and have overseen more than 170 exits, including IPOs.