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Engagement — Add-on Due Diligence

Code & Co. provides Tech & Product Due Diligence to Iptor, ahead of its acquisition of TimberTec, a leading provider of ERP and MES software for the timber industry

Stockholm-based Iptor, provider of fully integrated and cloud-based ERP software, acquired TimberTec, a leading provider of ERP and MES software for the timber industry. Going forward, the company will be known as “TimberTec – an Iptor company” and will offer its solutions to a broader customer base in both Europe and the US.

Established in 1999 and based in Schleswig-Holstein, the company serves customers throughout Central Europe. With its main product, the modular “TiCom ERP”, TimberTec supports the entire process chain for logwood purchasing and processing, from production to commissioning and sales to warehousing and logistics.

Scope of work

Code & Co. provided Tech & Product Due Diligence to Bregal Unternehmerkapital and Iptor ahead of the acquisition, compiling an in-depth analysis of TimberTec’s flagship ERP software TiCom ERP, its architecture, technology stack, and security. Furthermore, Code & Co. assessed the company’s pragmatic cloud strategy, software development services, and product-strategic growth plans.

This transaction underlines Code & Co.'s strong positioning as an established technology and product advisor.

About Iptor

Iptor is a fully-integrated enterprise resource planning (“ERP”) and supply chain management (“SCM”) software provider with a strong focus on mid-market companies, offering its comprehensive software suite to > 1,000 international customers across multiple verticals with distributive focus, such as pharma distribution, publishing, logistics and wholesale. The company was founded in 1978 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

About Bregal Unternehmerkapital

Iptor is a portfolio company of Iptor is a portfolio company of funds advised by Bregal Unternehmerkapital (“BU”, LinkedIn.). BU is part of a family-owned business that has grown over several generations. The BU funds invest in European mid-sized companies across a wide range of sectors with a focus on market leaders and “hidden champions” with strong management teams and outbreak potential. With patient capital, entrepreneurial expertise and a partnership approach, our team works closely with entrepreneurs to develop, internationalize and digitalize portfolio companies, and to help them generate sustainable value on a responsible basis. For more information, please visit

About TimberTec

TimberTec develops and distributes a modular ERP solution, precisely tailored to the needs of its target customer, the timber industry. TimberTec's customers include hundreds of sawmills, lumber manufacturers, and the lumber trade.