Tech & Product DD | Acquisition | Code & Co. advises IK Partners on Stein HGS
Tech & Product DD

Code & Co. provides Tech & Product Due Diligence ahead of IK Partners' investment in B2B e-commerce specialist STEIN HGS

IK Partners invests from its dedicated pool of Development Capital (via IK Small Cap III Fund) in STEIN HGS, a leading B2B e-commerce specialist for barrier technology, municipality, construction site, and facility management supplies.

Seevetal/London ,

Founded in 1999 and based near Hamburg, Germany, STEIN HGS has evolved into the leading online retailer in its market segment. The company has around 30 employees and a long-standing client list that includes private and public sector customers, small and large construction firms, local craftsmen, municipalities, and facilities management firms.

Thanks to a transition to online purchasing and its focus on offering best-in-class customer service in its fragmented market, STEIN HGS holds the leading position in a steadily growing market. From this vantage point, the company is well positioned to expand its product offering and customer base while entering new markets.

Code & Co. supported IK Small Cap III (IK SC III) Fund during its acquisition of a majority stake in STEIN HGS Group and provided technology and product due diligence. This involved assessing STEIN HGS’ e-commerce capabilities, including potential growth opportunities through process and marketing automation as well as CRM. Code & Co. evaluated the feasibility of technical growth plans, long-term scalability, and overall extensibility using the modules and plugins offered by the shop software in use. This transaction exemplifies Code & Co.’s expertise in e-commerce solutions.