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Code & Co. advises capiton as it acquires a majority stake in Wundex

Code & Co. provides Tech & Product DD to capiton on its acquisition of a leading provider of wound care services in Germany.

Berlin/Senden ,
  • Backed by an integrated digital platform, Wundex’s qualified wound managers provide home care services that enable faster and more effective wound treatment.
  • Wundex significantly reduces the workload of general care providers and physicians.
  • capiton has reserved additional funds to finance both organic and inorganic growth initiatives.
  • Code & Co. led Tech & Product DD for the investor.

Headquartered in Senden, Germany, Wundex offers a complete range of 60,000 home care products and decubitus systems. With its three business units, home care services, home care products and decubitus systems, Wundex has built a fully integrated unique home care offering. The company‘s qualified wound managers provide home care services that enable faster and more effective wound treatment for patients with chronic wounds.

Berlin-headquartered private equity investor capiton acquired a majority stake in Wundex. The investor and management plan to grow the Wundex business organically as well as through acquisitions in the fragmented market.

Code & Co. advised capiton with regard to Wundex’s tech-enabled services. In an effort to drastically scale its operations, Wundex plans to further expand and integrate its existing tech solutions, including app, e-commerce capabilities, and HealthTech-focused web platforms.

This audit is the latest example of why clients across Europe rely on Code & Co. as an established technology and product advisor when it comes to tech acquisitions.


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