Creating Beautiful &
Functional Software

We write and design beautifully crafted, scalable and well-tested software to solve user problems in unobtrusive and deliberate ways.

Tech we like (right now)

  • Elixir & Phoenix
  • Swift & React Native
  • JavaScript & React
  • Test-Driven Development
  • Containers & Cloud Services

Experiences we craft

  • Deliberate & Fun Experiences
  • Unobtrusive Invisible Interfaces
  • Goal-Oriented User Flows
  • Data-Driven Improvements
  • Conversion Optimization

Challenges we seek

  • Machine Learning
  • Blockchain & Ethereum
  • Internet of Things
  • UI-Less Interfaces
  • Serverless Architectures

How we identify opportunities

Whenever we face an interesting and complex problem, we assume it can be solved with technology. We investigate and talk to potential users. We develop a hypothesis and then solve it in a pragmatic way with the tools that best meet the requirements.

For the Financial Industry


Specialized ultra-secure, highly scalable and easy-to-use page builder, primarily used for pre-IPO announcement pages, M&A deal websites or investment memorandums. With FREEFLOAT, you can create and publish websites in minutes.

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D3 – Due Diligence Dashboard

Enhances the due diligence process by collecting, benchmarking and visualizing data. With D3, the cumbersome and difficult process of collecting and analyzing data is drastically shortened and the investment decision supported with meaningful insight.

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Enables hassle-free KPI-reporting by streamlining the process of collecting and analyzing the monthly process of KPI reporting and portfolio updates.

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Other Projects & Investments


Publishing platform for one of Europe's largest social media personalities, Pamela Reif. Available on iOS, Android and mobile web with an average rating of 5 stars across all mobile platforms.



PAMSTRONG is a guided 12-week fitness and nutrition program by one of Europe's largest social media personalities and fitness icons, Pamela Reif. Available on mobile web with iOS, Apple TV and Android apps coming soon.



PRISM is a scalable personal messaging and audience engagement platform that enables influential individuals to directly connect with their followers. With PRISM, influencers can monetize their audience across multiple platforms and without the need for mobile apps.

Coming Soon

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