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Our Ventures

We build scalable MVPs to address real user problems in unobtrusive and deliberate ways. We write beautifully crafted, well-tested software and iterate on it until we find the right product-market fit.

Key Areas of Interest

We embrace digital innovation and technological change. Ever since the arrival of electricity, progress has been a safe constant. The following technology platform shifts will impact the everyday lives of us all. We look for opportunities to explore these.

  1. Machine Learning & AI

    Whether it is invisible interfaces powered by voice commands or self-driving cars, Machine Learning and AI revolutionize how we use computers to solve problems. There will be Machine Learning in everything.

  2. AR & Mixed Reality

    What started with textual commands in a terminal and progressed to cursors and touch screens, will be irrevocably changed when the physical and virtual worlds meet for a new paradigm of human-machine interaction.

  3. Platform-agnostic UX

    In a multi-device world, we build products that are ruthlessly prioritized, yet follow cutting-edge standards. We prioritize customer’s needs over customer’s eyeballs and functioning business models over financial models.

Ventures & Products

  • AR Face Fighter

    A fun Augmented Reality mobile game where users battle for the global high score using their face as the controller. A sophisticated face-tracking algorithm recognizes facial gestures and controls the game. Also, it might generate a fun little Gif of the users' funniest faces. 🌝


    The fan club for the social media generation. It enables influential personalities to grow their fan base and build communities. It uses machine learning to segment audience members into interest groups so the influencer can provide relevant content to each and every single one of her fans.

  • Fiesta One

    Premium mobile white-label apps for concert series and music festivals. Using a phone’s camera and visual image recognition, the app seamlessly connects content from printed brochures to the app’s enriched media content, opening up a new visual world beyond paper.


    PAMSTRONG is a guided and progressive fitness and nutrition program by one of Europe's largest social media personalities and fitness icons, Pamela Reif. It is available on mobile web with iOS, Apple TV and Android apps coming soon.

In Production

  • classifies and structures document-based data. It can be described as a document API. Its machine learning algorithms gain confidence every day to drastically increase our clients’ efficiency and processes when dealing with overwhelming amounts of document-based data.

  • Moneypenny

    Project Moneypenny grew out of the realization that everyone’s personal network is a key component to personal and professional success and endless opportunity. Moneypenny’s mission is to find, create and manage the serendipitous moments the build professional relationships.

Build something with us

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