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Task Force for Mission-Critical Situations

We are a strategic Tech, UX and Product advisory firm for situations where there is little room for error. We work with clients and companies from a wide array of industries to help them make key decisions confidently, at times when it matters most.

Our Approach

We offer pragmatic and hands-on support with cross-functional expertise and real experience in different markets, verticals and industries. We consider ourselves translators with our sweet spot as our ability to share our knowledge.

  1. Deep Tech & Product Expertise

    We are Technology, Product and User Experience experts. We know how to build, test, scale, and then continually improve digital products and services.

  2. Business Realities

    Even the most advanced technology must bear up against business realities. We assess and understand both sides, technological excellence vs. pragmatic business rationale.

  3. Startup Pragmatism

    We value efficiency, productivity and speed. We believe in our proven practices in product development to help you understand and solve the right user problem.

iPhone X

Case Study: Volkswagen Group

Platform Sprint

We were hired as a task force for an extended mission-critical situation: To conceptualize, design and build a multi–platform mobile app for Volkswagen Group – from an idea to the app store in 4 weeks.

Our Services

Our aim is to anticipate and solve future needs with our three core services.

  • Tech Due Diligence

    Pragmatic tech, product and UX risk assessments and technology due diligence with actionable advice on how to mitigate risks.

    Favored by PE funds, VCs and multinational corporations when an independent opinion can spot the right way forward.

  • Platform Sprint

    Our Platform Sprints kickstart or accelerate projects. They help focus on the right problem and ensure key steps aren’t missed along the way.

    Our clients have described Platform Sprints as an "instruction manual" for goal-oriented, technical product development.

  • Digital Value Drivers

    We help uncover and shape digital value drivers. These enable services to fully leverage technology and thrive in a digitized world.

    We help organizations spot and embrace opportunities by creating a concise digital roadmap, ensuring they stay ahead of the game.

Get in touch

If you’d like to learn more about what we do, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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